Help me find an old Rod Serling TV short

I’m pretty sure that it was one of the short segue-way stories in between the main stories featured on Rod Serling’s “Night Gallery.” I would love to see it again if it is viewable somewhere online.

The very short story showed an old woman in an old-fashioned car (a jalopy?), driving down the highway, and another very young, beautiful woman (brunette, I believe) driving the opposite way in an open-top convertible.

As they begin to pass each other, the young woman smirks at the old woman.

And then suddenly, the young woman finds that *she has become the old woman *and is now in the jalopy, whereas the old woman is now inhabiting her young body and in her convertible, laughing and driving away.

Have you seen this? And can it be found online? I’ve done searches for Night Gallery stories, but the little segue-way stories don’t always show up on the lists of featured stories, and I’ve had no luck.

Thanks, Dopers.

…I guess this one is just too tough for anyone to find.

In that case, have any of you ever seen this? Do you remember it at all?

For some reason, it has stuck with me all these years…

Possibly two different vignettes? There was dealing with an older woman and a a young woman switching bodies. The Housekeeper with Larry Hagman. But no jalopies were involved. It all took place inside a house.

Another one, that did feature driving was, coincidentally called The House. In that one, Joanna Pettet realizes that she is the ghost that has been haunting the house she’s been dreaming about.

I just don’t recall one the way you’re describing it, and I think I’ve seen them all multiple times (but maybe one has slud by me). Or might it have been another anthology series like “Darkroom” or a “Twilight Zone” or “Alfred Hitchcock” reboot?


To Earl Snake-Hips Tucker: Regarding the two programs you mentioned, no, those sound more like an entire episode. What I saw probably lasted no more than three minutes. It was like a filler between two longer stories, which is one reason I think it may have been on Night Gallery, which had a few “short stories” every program, and the occasional even shorter filler-story to segue between the longer ones.

Thanks for your ideas, though – you are the first!

And to SCAdian: Sorry. I meant “segue” – I think the following illuminates the source of my confusion.