Help me find good running shoes

Okay, here’s the scoop… I have bad knees. The ligaments that go over my kneecaps are too tight, so the cartilage on the caps are the consistency of marshmellows. I’m almost 19, and weigh about 10 to 20 pounds more than I’d like. We have this new super duper treadmill that I love to use, and my workouts usually consist of brief stints of jogging (slowly trying to work myself up, here…) but my knees are killing me!
So my question is this… Is there a type of running shoe built specifically with bad knees in mind? And to throw another monkey in the works, I have small feet… This shoe would need to be available in about a size 4 1/2 to 5 (women’s, kids, whatever).
Does such a beast exist??

I think your best bet is to visit a running shoe store and ask them for their advice, based on your knees, running habits and how you walk/step. Check with running groups in your area and see what store they recommend. These running shoe stores aren’t always the cheapest, but after the first pair, you can shop around for a better price. I, too, have small feet (5) and didn’t have trouble finding good running shoes (which, I learned, are sized a little differently than normal street shoes). As for your knees, I don’t know if shoes can compensate or help cushion all the the shock, so you may need a knee brace for stability. Again, I’m totally guessing on the knee thing. A professional runner/trainer would know what to do.

well… i know this isnt what you were asking but maybe you hadnt thought of this…

if you could get access to one of the bike machines instead of a treadmill it would be immensely less painful on your knees…
ive heard that treadmills can be bad even for people with good knees…

They also have padded socks for running that would add cushioning.

But really I have to second InTransit suggestion to go to a running store. Also, Roadrunner Sports is somewhere to look for what kind of options are out there.

RoadRunner Sports is a good web/mail order place, and they can even take your current shoes, do a wear analysis, and then recommend a selection of the shoes they carry.

I think a better suggestion, though, is to go see a podiatrist who has experience in sports medicine. Look for a pod. who is a member of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine They even have “Shoe Lists” on their web site. That site lists both “Members” and “Fellows”. Members have an interest in the subject and have joined the organization, Fellows have demonstrated some level of expertise to the Academy.

100 S. Mississippi Avenue
Ada, Oklahoma
Phone: (580) 436-2828
Website: -

3720 W. Robinson St.
Norman, Oklahoma 73072
Phone: (405) 447-8445
Website: -

9644 N. May Ave.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120-2714
Phone: (405) 755-8888
Website: -

4329 South Peoria
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135
Phone: (918) 749-7557
Website: -

The above is lifted from under their Specialty Running Store section.

I would highly recommend you have someone IN PERSON look at you run, look at your old shoes, and recommend a shoe based on what they see. Road Runner Sports may do this, but it would be much quicker and (in my mind) much better to be able to have that person in the room with you while they’re doing the analysis.

I personally ALWAYS buy my shoes from a specialty running store, even though the past 3-4 pairs have been the same model. They occasionally will have me try a different model to see if something feels better than what I’ve got now.

Visit a podiatrist who specializes in athletes. Don’t run on treadmills. Stretch before running, especially your IT bands. Get a running coach. Don’t run any more until you learn how to run without further damaging your knees. Try swimming for a few months. Take glucosmine/chondroitin with MSM (sulfur) for 3 - 6 months to help your knees. Drink 64 ounces of water every day. Good luck!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I will probably end up trying most of them, and the others I’ve already tried :slight_smile:

I’m a reformed runner, I’m 33 but started running when I was 12…I cut back the pavement pounding the past few years, added rope jumping and like to hit the heavy bag for about 40 minutes after a light weight workout. My knees and lower back feel much better, my legs feel much fresher…Mix it up, if your knees are hurting at your age, and your just starting out, I think it will be much better for you
Just my 2 cents

believe it or not, for me, the one or two times I tried the bike was actually worse on my knees, no matter what the position. The treadmill was better than bike or running on the street.

The shoes mattered a LOT. I am not sure the proper amount of padding, but I always test them out in-store to get a feel of how padded the “Ride” will be before I buy them.

Then again, I have never tried a knee brace. Perhaps I should, since I dont have anything to compare it to.