Help me find military eyeglasses

I am an ROTC cadet and am going to Airborne school this summer for the Army. I need to get eyeglasses for it but I haven’t been able to find any. They need to be the thick frames that you see people wearing in boot camp.
I asked our supply guy where I should get them and he said that I should be able to get them from any eyewear place, but I have called at least six local places and none of them had anything that would work.

So can anyone suggest somewhere online I could order them or somewhere I could go? Thanks

Do you mean something like prescription safety glasses?

He’s talking about “BC’s” (Birth Control glasses. So named because you’ll be lucky to get laid while wearing 'em)

Having never seen them outside bootcamp, or on guys recently coming from bootcamp, I would just call down to the nearest Military Treatment Facility and ask them. Any military medical site that does eyewear should have a source of supply. Perhaps the nearest VA hospital would be a good site as well. I’ll google around a bit to see if I can locate a commercial source.

Heh. Here’s an article about what I believe you’re looking for.

Still looking.

I never thought about trying the VA hospital. I’ll have to try that. I think safety glasses would work.

Does anyone know if recspecs (the sports goggles) would be authorized? I have a pair at home that I wore in junior high.

FYI Military Now Offers Eye Surgery

When my buddy went off to the navy, they required that he had glasses going in. As soon as he got to RTC (recruit training command, “boot camp” for the Navy) they issued him the classic birth control specs. And his GF broke up with him, so I’d say they were aptly named.

Did they tell you that you have to get glasses of a specific style at your own expense? That sounds extremely fishy. Mind you I was enlisted navy but the only restriction aside from garish, sequinned Dame Edna style specs was that you could not wear sunglasses in formation. If I were you I’d get some FG-58 pilot frames and have clear lenses put in them. I’m pretty sure American Optical made the frames when I was in. They were issue for pilots and aircrew with gold plated frames and in a silver/pewter for flight deck crew like me.

I was issued the old school black BCGs in basic training 1982. I actually got laid wearing them in 1989. More than once.
So, anything was possible in the bizaro-underground-punk/goth/industrial-artist scene.

Well, I had no luck finding anything for ya.


Yeah, but it took ya 7 years! :eek:


Actually the whole Airforce ROTC spec is kind of interesting. They even have the entire Air Force Song with all the verses! (kind of rare as the last verse is usually left off)

There is a pic perhaps? First img shown in that link.

Here is a site with relatively inexpensive prescription ready safety frames that meet miltary specs. They will ship the frames to your eye doctor/optician of choice.

Safety Glasses USA

      • Somewhat Related Factoid: in Drew Carey’s book titled “guns and beer” or something, he tells a story about how his famous military-issue glasses broke, and he came to find out that the only place left that still made them was in England.

My regular glasses were lost at the 2nd LAR Bn CP site in Saudi Arabia one night in 1991 (I have the grid position written down if I’m ever back in the neighborhood with a GPS), and I had to wear the BCGs. My g/f made me take them off before I got laid. Good luck, leg.