Help me find or ID this comedy skit please!

I’m trying to remember a skit I saw on cable some time back. It was at least ten years ago, I’m pretty sure, and almost certainly no more than 17 years ago. I thought it was a Whitest Kids U Know skit (perhaps on their pilot or episode 1?), but in looking at their Wiki listing I’m not seeing it.

The skit consists of several guys, each speaking in vague cliche phrases. Something like, “So I went down there and gave 'im what for.” Or, “I showed those guys what we’re all about.” Or perhaps even more cliched hackneyed phrases that are escaping me at the moment. You know what I mean.

Actually, no, you don’t, and neither did these guys, as it turns out. One guy, perhaps the “new guy”, finally admits he doesn’t have a clue what anybody has been talking about this whole time, and eventually they all realize that none of them have been sure what they even are supposed to be doing, as a group. One guy figured they were mafia hitmen, another thought something else, like they were gay dudes looking for hookups or something.

Finally the leader shows up, and it turns out his intention was that they were all supposed to be the volunteer fire department.

“But I killed, like, six people.”

Of course my memory of the show is undoubtedly inaccurate to at least some degree, but does anyone out there recognize a skit like this and perhaps have a link?

OMG I don’t know what that is but it made me laugh out loud.

Sounds like something Kids in the Hall would do

Maybe something from “Whose Line is it Anyways?”

Definitely not Kids in the Hall. I have been a fan of that show since it first aired on Comedy Central, and I remember having the thought, when I saw the mystery skit, that this new group just might be the next KITH. That’s also why I was thinking of WKUK, because their show first aired around the time I remembered seeing the skit (again, accounting for imperfect memory).

Also definitely not Whose Line, either, because this was not an improv skit in the form of a game, and I was also quite familiar with Colin and Ryan back then.

HBOs Not Necceserily the News?

I vaguely recall a skit from WLIIA similar to the OP, but they ended every sentence with “if you know what I mean”.
“So I pulled the hose off the truck, if you know what I mean”