Help me find similar flash games

I really enjoy games like this one

Launching things into the air and trying to reach a distance goal in so many days,collecting powerups along the way.
Thanks for any help.

On Kongregate, these games are all tagged as ‘flight’. Not everything on this page is a launch game, but it should still keep you busy for the foreseeable future.

There’s this; it’s a bit tongue in cheek and not a launch game but the upgrade system is similar in scope.

It has so far! Thanks!

#$%^ that game! It was awesome until I maxed out all my powerups long before I got anywhere near the moon. Then I consistently started getting to where my red distance marker was actually above the bottom of the moon, yet never beat it. (What’s it take?) My computer crashed and I’m not starting over.

That game really gives you a different perspective on NASA funding, dunnit?

This one doesn’t have persistence/leveling up, but it has a unique mechanic for launching (centrifugal force!) and it’s a very quick play

I particularly like Burrito Bison, for some reason I can’t (or won’t) define. Oh, and for Toss the Turtle, the golden gun pwnz all, so make sure you upgrade to it.