Help me find *simple*-worded reviews of movies

Hi folks, I’m looking for something to help out my ESL teaching. What I’d really like to find are movie reviews on the internet of current movies, worded in a way that young (under 15) kids can understand.

Who is a good reviewer? Who keeps his or her sentences simple, and doesn’t sound like a typical movie critic? Good, simple criticisms of books and music would be nice, too.

I usually read Ebert’s reviews myself, but they’re way too wordy to be of much use in my classes…

I have no idea except one that makes more work for you: why don’t you paraphrase reviews you like into appropriate language? Then attribute the original, plus your own paraphrase. Heck, this would be bonus points on your resume, and how hard could it be?

Try Rotten Tomatoes. Each of the movies they have listed has links to reviews, with a sentence from each as the link. That should make it easy to shop around efficiently. :slight_smile:

This page, updated weekly, is from my local newspaper. It’s a section that is targeted at the 8 - 16-year-old set, usually with two movie reviews each week. Here is a list of all of the reviews written by their (16-year-old) movie critic.