Help me find the artist who did this song

…and by “song,” I mean disco record.

Back in the late 70s, someone came out with a disco recording called “General Hospital.” Yes, it was about the [del]soap opera[/del] daytime serial drama of the same name.

I told my daughter about it, and I DON’T THINK SHE BELIEVES ME! (sob) I can’t find it on youtube, largely because I have no idea who the so-called artist* was.

Can anyone help me out here?

*“so-called” because I don’t view performers on disco recordings to be artists. Just as I don’t view designated hitters or their teammates as baseball players. But I digress.

Gah, no luck. But I learned approximately 1,0000768 million times, that Luke raped Laura. :eek: Not being a watcher, I had no idea!

I totally had this album. I don’t remember what else was on it, though.

I give you…General Hospi-tale by the Afternoon Delights.

Thanks so much, TheChileanBob! If you play that link, and pause it at 2:12, you can read the set list off the back of the album cover.

“When you think of Laura, laugh and don’t cry, I know she’d want it that way…”

To the tune of Herb Alpert’s “Rise,” no less.

It’s insane what can make a record a hit.