Help me Find this "clone"sci-fi piece from the '80's

I just watched the 11/11 episode of “Fringe”, and it reminded me of something I might have read or watched a Looong time ago.

I was in 4thor 6th grade, so the year had to be 1981-82, or 1983-84. (both year I was in the “temp” classrooms, and I remember them from this memory). It was a story we read in class about an adolesent or teenage girl who discovers she is part of an expirement in cloning. For some reason I want to say it was a story we read in class, and it was followed up by an “Afterscool SPecial” or “Movie of the Week”. It is very possible the story was the focus of a “Weekly Reader” (who here remembers those) right when the movie came out. The pictures of the girl in the book, magazine or movie seemed to remind me of Marsha Brady (think long straight hair, and ugly clothing…but then again it was the 80’s)

If anyone knows anything about this or came help with any other clues, let me know

Anna To The Infinite Power

There’s a picture of Martha Byrne, who played Anna, at the allmovie link.

Thank you
I knew Someone here would help me out. Just didn’t think it would happen this fast.


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