Help me find this kitchy thing I love...

It was in a catalogue called “Wireless”. It was a really cute chip bowl, does anyone know if they have a website, I tried a search but you can imagine the thousands of responses I got from “Wireless”.

Isn’t that a catalogue for fans of either NPR or PBS? I’d check their websites first.

Yep, Wireless is for National Public Radio products. I think there’s always one lying around my parents’ house. Just curious, what kind of chip bowl is it?

How about or ?

Lemme guess - it was the people with the swimming pool chip dish with the hot tub dip dish?

That’s what I was thinking! My parents ordered it but they never use it. Currently, 'tis languishing on their back screened-in porch. Perhaps Poysyn would like to do a little bidniss with them? :wink:

Depends, I am just a poor little temp, how much??

I wouldn’t pay more than $24.99!

If I’m not mistaken, I saw something very similar to this at Bloodbath (I mean Bed, Bath & Beyond.) It was similarly priced–if you have this store around you, it will save you shipping and handling.