Help Me Find This Old Movie!

I am trying to track down an old 50’s movie…anyway the plot is as follows:
-a gang of crooks hijacks a train, and steals a cargo of gold bars. They transport the gold to a warehouse in LA, and melt down the gold, which they cast into automobile bumpers and hubcaps! They then install the goldbumpers/hubcaps on a getway car, which they plan to drive to Mexico…the plan fails when they wind up in a big traffic jam on the freeway.
Tha’s all i remember…can anybody id the flick for me?:smack:

Sounds like The Solid Gold Cadillac to me.

Nope, The Solid Gold Cadillac was a Judy Holliday movie about (IIRC) a small stockholder who ends up taking over a company, based on a play by George S. Kauffman.

The movie you want is Plunder Road, a 1957 movie.