Help Me Find This Poem

I remember reading a poem about a princess, or lady, who threw a glove into a pit of lions, or something like that, for her lover to retrieve. It was a test of his love and courage. He immediately jumped in to retrieve the glove (it might have been a handkercheif). When he jumped back out he either threw the gloves in her face, or slapped her with them. The point was, if she truly loved him, she wouldn’t have put him in danger.

I hope this isn’t too vague. I read it a long time ago in an anthology of story poems. I think it was even in this specific book: Story Poems: An Anthology of Narrative Verse Selected and Edited By Louis Untermeyer. The problem is, I don’t have that book anymore, and I’d like to find the poem today.

Does anyone know the poem I’m looking for?

The Glove and the Lions.

Gee, that was easy.