Help me find this SNL dvd on Netflix

I want to see SNL episode 255, from season 14. Netflix doesn’t seem to have a search option that allows you to put in phrases in quotes, nor does its search seem to allow “must contain all of the words” but rather will return anything with any of the words–so you’re actually broadening rather than narrowing the search results if you add words. I have been unable to come up with a search pattern that allows me to come anywhere near finding SNL season 14. Help! The episode in question is “Melanie Griffith/Little Feat” (specifically, I am looking for the Community Chapstick sketch)

I’m getting very frustrated. Please help.

As of now, only the first three (AFAIK) seasons of SNL have been released on DVD, so unless the show or sketch you want has appeared on one of the “Best of” compilations, it’s not available on DVD. You may or may not have some luck trying to find individual sketches on Youtube or similar websites.

really? Wow. Why are they taking so long? And does anyone know if that sketch is on any of the compilations?

That would be a Dana Carvey sketch. It doesn’t seem to be on the “Best of Dana Carvey” DVD…I think you’re out of luck.