help me fit car speakers

I need to make rings out of MDF or something similar to fit new speakers in my car’s front doors. Should I buy a jig-saw? what tools do I need? I havent really done stuff like this before. Any suggestions appreciated!

Come on guys help me!!!

For my 6x9’s I drilled a hole into the parcel shelf, then used a jig-saw to cut out the right shape.
Also, the screws they gave me were about 3 inches long so I had to put a piece of tube over them to stop me scewering myself when I lifted my head out the boot (trunk).
For the wires, I used simple cable ties on hooks to keep them up to the shelf, this also makes taking the shelf out easier.
I drilled holes into the standard parcel shelf, but if you’re using MDF get it as thick as possible - my brother used either 7mm or 9mm stuff and it shakes like a bitch with the bass turned up. Sound deadening carpet stuff could be a very good investment if you want it to sound really good, but I hear it can be expensive.
If you do use thin MDF, then I’d reccomend a supporting strut or two underneath to stop it sagging from the weight of the speakers and warping in the heat of summer.
Hope this helps.

Thanks, but it’s for the front doors, not the parcel shelf!

And that is why you should always read the question.

Hello there. I’ve been installing car stereos as a hobby since I was 12, and as a retail career since I was 25. (I’m 28 now.)

If you want to learn A LOT, go to and visit the forums there, particularly the Fabrication forum in your case.

I am not an expert at woodworking and fabrication, but I do know a little bit. A jigsaw is cheap (if you buy a basic one), pretty safe to use, and it will certainly do the job. But you’ll be tracing out a circle on your MDF, then following it free-hand with the jigsaw. I have a steady hand and patience, and I can therefore do a pretty good job, but it is hard to get it perfect. Besides, if this MDF panel is only going behind your door panel, it doesn’t have to be perfect anyway.

A lot of professional installers use a router, with some kind of a “circle cutter” jig. This will cut a perfectly round hole, but the tools will cost you a lot more.

Also, there are universal spacers on the market that may suit your needs; they’re made of ABS plastic and commonly come in 1/2" and 1" rise versions. Try,, or These are the “Big Three” kit suppliers here in the States; I’m not sure what’s common where you are. If you find a car stereo shop that carries one of those brands, they should be able to order any part number for you.

But all of the above answers are pretty general…to be more specific, what kind of car do you have, what’s in there for speakers now, and what are you installing?

Thanks Chris. Dont know if you’ll be familiar with my car cos it’s a British make - it’s a Rover 216Si (1998 model). I’ve taken out one of the front speakers, it’s a basic el cheapo 16.5cm one, and I’m replacing it with a 16.5cm Focal Polyflex 165HC coaxial unit.