Help me fix my hair!

I’m recently unemployed and will, FSM willing, be interviewing soon. I’ve had no idea what to do with my hair for some time, and so have just been wearing hats. But I suspect it’s best not to go on interviews wearing hats, so I need help doing something with my hair that looks both vaguely professional and also not too unflattering. The thing is, besides having hair that gets somewhat poofy after it dries (I suppose hair gel might help that) and with a tendency for errand strands to stick out, it’s also receding. The temples have out right receded a bit which is not too big of a deal, but the front bit is also starting to thin such that it’s getting noticeable.

Is there any special sort of hairdresser I should be looking for that knows the most flattering hair cut for a receding hairline? Or is there a particular type of style that works best? I’d be up for a middle part or some sort of no part, but I don’t like a side part. I’ve shave it all off before and that didn’t look too bad, but it’s a hell of a lot of upkeep to shave my whole head every day, and it doesn’t look all that great as it first starts coming in. Any ideas?

Invest in a pair of clippers. Clip entire head on #3 or #2. Never see a hairdresser again. Ever. $20 well spent

I agree. You could go a couple weeks between clippings, unlike having to shave daily, and still look fine.

Another vote for clippers. The semi-shaved look seems to be all the rage now. I use them every other week, and it looks fine. I’m clipping without a guard so I stay nearly but not quite bald all the time.

It’s not my first choice of hairstyle but it’s the best one for what I’ve got to work with up top.

Hmm, pictures might help. But as other people said, clippers would probably do the job. A lot of losing-their-hair guys look really good with their receding hairlines and a close-cropped rest-of-the-head.

Receding hairline + longish-hair on the sides = HIDEOUS. It’s very Bozo The Clown-ish. Do not attempt any permutation of a comb-over, whether that’s a comb-over on the top of your head, or trying to “disguise” your longish side hairs with gel. It’s going to look weird.

Do not wear hats to interviews for any reason; exception is if you are a lumberjack and the interview is being held outside, down at the old mill.

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FSM - The Flying Spaghetti Monster

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