Help me get BABYLON off my computer

Can someone please tell me how to get Babylon off my computer?

I searched my computer and found several files, but I get blocked when I try to delete them.


Is this the Babylon Toolbar and search program?

How to completely remove Babylon Toolbar and "Search the web (Babylon)"

Thanks for the link, but it doesn’t address the problem on my computer.

I’m running XP. From Control Panel I go to Add/Remove programs and Babylon is NOT there. The illustration you show is completely different than what comes up on my computer, but again Babylon is not there, so there is no way to delete it.

I did the second step and again Babylon is NOT there. I did delete White Smoke which seemed to invade my computer at the same time Babylon did.

I did the chose your favorite search engine and deleted Babylon and White Smoke. I then choose as my search engine, hit OK and restarted the computer and Babylon was STILL there.

Google is in the search box area, but when I hit the + to go to another tab, Babylon search comes up.

How about MalwareBytes? Were you able to run that?

Will running it get rid of Babylon or just prevent it from coming back?

It is the best removal tool I use. I have never used it against Babylon, but it won’t hurt.

I have no experience with this particular malware, but I have a feeling I know what’s going on and what you need to do.

  • First, turn off System Restore as described here.

  • With SR turned off, go ahead and shutdown/restart.

  • After the initial BIOS/POST bootup screen, start tapping F8 continuously *before *Windows starts to load, in order to enter into Safe Mode. Choose the “Safe Mode” option amongst the options that come up.

  • Once in Safe Mode, do a disk cleanup to delete temp files and temporary internet files, as described here and here.

  • After that, and still in Safe Mode, go through all the same steps that you tried previously, including a full scan with MalwareBytes.

Once that’s all done, boot back up normally and see if the problem is fixed. If so, don’t forget to go back in and turn back on the System Restore that you previously turned off.

Oh, I wrote that post thinking you already had downloaded and tried using MalwareBytes. If you haven’t, download and update that before beginning the steps I outlined.