Help me get Celine Dion out of my life. Please!

I have a tape stuck in the tape deck of my car.
The bad news: It’s Celine Dion.
The good news: It doesn’t play.
The better news: Hey, it wasn’t my tape.
So please stop laughing at me and tell me how to get a stuck tape out of an automobile tape player.
When I hit eject, it just whirs and drones. (I’m not sure, but perhaps that’s Celine singing.)
I’ve tried taking a screwdriver to Celine, but she’s one tough cookie. Nothing doing. She laughs at my attempts to get my hands on her. Maybe it’s 'cause she’s so skinny, I just can’t get a grip on her. So she just lurks there. I live with the threat hanging over my head that one day I’ll be driving along, listening to some decent music on the radio, and suddenly Celine will kick in, out of nowhere, and won’t stop! You can see how this makes me nervous even to get into the car.

You’re probably going to have to remove the stereo from the car. In the meantime, find the fuse that controls it and pop it out (unless, of course, it controls something important).

Don’t feel bad. I once tuned into a station that was playing Justin Timberlake. I was actually tapping my foot to it. I then quickly turned the station fearing for my pride.

Try thumping it with your fist, you know, the way Celine pounds her chest. Or bend down really close to the tape player and make sounds like an old French sugar daddy. Maybe she’ll come out by herself. :smiley:

I know this is not what you need to hear…

…but my father had Dire Straits stuck in his car’s cassette player for five years, and then sold the car with it still stuck.

Some things are just meant to be.

Hey, I LIKE Celine Dion!


Hey, I LIKE Dire Straits!


I admire your bold honesty, Guinastasia, to the point that I’m not even going to comment. You are a brave soul.

Is that a confession?

Yeah sure it’s not your tape :wink: I’m not really buying that one buddy.

The only way to get celine out is to pull the deck out, undo the screws at the back and take the casing off. This will allow you to get into the deck and flick out the offending tape…don’t forget to burn it as well. :cool:

You can see why it’s so imperative that I get Celine out of my life. Imagine if, say, my boss was riding in my car, and a **frickin’ Celine Dion tape kicked in.[b/] I would never live that down.

Complicating matters is that this tape deck/radio/CD player has the Theftlock system, which is supposed to disable the player if it is ever removed. I have the password for it, though. Does anyone know, would the Theftlock be a major problem?

The Theftlock is no problem as long as you have the password. If you ever have your battery changed you’ll have to use the password as well. All Theftlock does is shut the player down when the power source is removed. All it takes is the password to bring it back to life.