Help me get to Wisconsin (or What should I say?)

Okay… I kinda need help with something. You see there is gonna be this seminar in Wisconsin later this year and I am applying to be able to go and be funded by the Rotary club. We need to write up a statement of why we feel we would make a good candidate for the World Affairs Seminar. According to the info I’ve got it says:

“The World Affairs Seminar is a personalized educational program for selected high school students to learn about the customs, traditions, aspirations and heritage of people around the globe through personal association with young people from other countries. The purpose of this very unique youth activity is to provide a forum for future international leaders to be introduced to some of the most perplexing global problems and hopefully, this will contribute to world peace.”

Okies so now you know what it is. My problem is my why I think I would be a good candidate for going. So I’m just gonna type out what I have already and maybe could people give me some suggestions to help? Please and Thank you.

Here’s what I got so far:

I feel that I would make a good candidate for the World Affairs Seminar because I am curious about other ways of life and am interested in meeting others who, though different, have the same interests and concerns about the world. I have always wanted to travel and learn about different cultures as I feel it would expand my horizons and make me a better person. By doing so I would also hope to make the world a better place as I have new experiences. By being able to attend this seminar I feel I will have made a significant step towards this goal.

And that’s all I have… any input would be helpful…

How about your open mind, strong communications skills, and deep knowledge of American culture so you can hold up your end of the deal in assisting these folks from other countries in learning about your culture?

Don’t just cover what this seminar will do for you, highlight how you will be an asset to the Seminar.

Okay That’s a good idea. Thanks I’ll work on it more before I hand it in. (I have a bit of leeway… it isn’t due in till the end of the month I just want to get it right)

Oh and I’m not American… I’m Canadian