Help me guess her size, please!!!

Ok, so I want to buy my friend a t-shirt but I’m an idiot and don’t know how to estimate one’s clothing size. I know the rule about erring on the side of “too small” but I figure with a t-shirt I won’t be insulting anyone too much with a larger size. Still I’d rather get one that will fit right the first time, especially since I’ll be ordering it online and don’t want to have to return it.

She’s about 5’9"-5’10", and I’d say around 160 lbs. Avg proportions. Does this sound like you or any female you know? What size t-shirt is comfortable?

I’m 5’6" - 5’7" and about 135-140. Busty. I wear a women’s large - men’s medium. But I don’t like my clothes tight. When going for something “taylored” I wear a women’s medium, men’s small.

How tight does she normally wear her clothes? If she seems to prefer form-fitting styles, I’d go with a medium. But, if she’s particularly bosom-y, then you’d probably be better off with a large.
Take note of whether or not the shirts are pre-shrunk, too. (It should say in the description). If they aren’t, go a size larger.

My wife is about 6’ and about 150, and what Dangerosa posted tends to go for her as well. And please do forgive my can’t-leave-it-alone attention to detail: it’s “tailored”

Thanks, I knew I was spelling it wrong, but haven’t had coffee yet and was too darn lazy to stick it in a spell checker.

(My husband gets out his pen and proofs menus - I can forgive you).

I’m 5’9", 145-150 lbs, small bust. Like Dangerosa I prefer a women’s large and men’s medium, for some room as I don’t like form-fitting clothes.

So you think I’ll be safe with a men’s medium for her? I assume it’s a men’s; doesn’t say so I have to assume (sexist, I know.) Crap, who knew buying a shirt was such a high pressure job.
Of course if it is a little snug, at least I’ll enjoy it on her :slight_smile:

Unless it’s labelled as a women’s shirt, the sizing is unisex (men’s). I think a women’s large or unisex medium would be a safe bet. Or you could ask a mutual female friend what size she wears.

If she’s a girlfriend rather than just a girl who’s a friend, you can just get her a gynormous one for her to use as a sleep shirt.

I’d pick large, especially since she’s so tall. If the shirt is going to shrink, it’s going to shrink in length.

I will echo that, if she’s “busty” at all, you’ll definitely want a large. I hate T-shirts that are too tight. A shirt with some stretch to it is OK and looks sexy, but a too-tight T-shirt is just binding and uncomfortable.

Take it from a fellow tall girl, get her a large. T-shirts usually shrink, better to get one a little oversized. It’s easier to wear something a little too big than a little too small.

Well before Tamex and Velma posted, I’d already ordered the medium. But trusting the tall gal advice, I called them to change the size to large. They’ve already shipped it! So, now I ordered a large for good measure and have two shirts coming. Yes I’ll be double billed for a couple of weeks until I get credited on the one I return, but at least I’m assured of having the right size.

And I just wanna give a big “thumbs up” to for the speed of their service. I ordered it around 11 this morning and it’s already out the door priority mail. Huzzah! (even if it did screw up my plans)