Help me help the brother of a friend

Hey all… my friend’s brother has a problem (I’m not sure of all the details I’ll tell what I know) I guess he has been locked out of his own house by his wife and isn’t allowed to see the kids.

Are there any good sites on father laws in Missouri?

If so can you pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeeee post them? My buddy is looking for them to help his brother.

Thank you so much in advance.

Well, speaking from personal experience, most states do require some kind of notice before kicking someone out, unless there is a case of domestic abuse, which has to be filed with the police. (Even then, most states arrest the offender ASAP.)
He needs to call the police to find out what kind of action has been taken, and if there is none, then he needs to get an escort. He also needs to contact a lawyer, and how!
Tell him to check with a local lawyer as soon as possible, but to definitely check with the police first.
Also, wish my luck to him.
My sister’s boyfriend took my nephew with him (illegally) to another state… When she called the cops in Daytona Beach, (where she lives) they told her, “Ma’am, possesion is nine-tenths of the law.”
Good luck


I don’t know if your friend’s brother is going through a divorce or not but these are regarding custody law in Missouri:

This one is from a private law firm that I don’t know anything about but may be helpful:

I don’t have alot of time right now but I will come back later when the baby’s asleep. I would strongly suggest your brother’s friend get a lawyer if he does not have one.

Thanks so much… I sent the url to this thread to the brother and he’s gonna give them to his brother.

Oh and I was corrected on something… he CAN see the kids but his ex is pulling legal stuff on him