Help me ID a short story, sci fi

I read this story many years ago, could be twenty-five to thirty years.

The story is told in the first person, by a guy who is some kind of missionary.

In space he discovers that Heaven and Hell are individual places for everyone. That is, you will wind up on a planet, or in a situation, when you die, that is the best or worst you can imagine. I seem to remember he found Livingston on a planet that resembled a vast, African savannah.

The character even visited the place that had been prepared for him when he died.

I may have asked this question before, but don’t recall getting an answer. If I did I’m sorry. The story was intriquing and if I find it, and the author, I may look for other things they have written.

I’ll give this the one allowed bump from me.

I just know it’s not in any of the collections I now have on the shelf. There was a mention in the story that may have meant the character had been seen before, and that the story I read was the second one featuring the character.

Sorta sounds similar to the Riverworld series. The first book being To Your Scattered Bodies Go, but a lot of it doesn’t fit some of your remembered details.

Sounds something like the Book of Mormon.