Help me ID this Daft Punk tune.

For about six years now I’ve been carrying around this Daft Punk MP3 that my college roommate gave to me. It was labeled as “Superheroes” off of the Discovery album, but I’ve recently learned that it is not, in fact, this song.

Anyway, the file I have is a mid-tempo number 6:02 in length. The only identifiable instruments (to me) are electric guitar, drums, bass, and keyboard/synthesizer. A handful of times, at more or less random intervals, a highly digitized voice says the word “rhythm” – other than that there are no lyrics. The song was made some time prior to 2003.
So, anyone know what the hell I’m talking about? Thanks in advance.

It doesn’t ring a bell. Can you post a small clip of it by any chance? Are we sure it’s Daft Punk?

“High Fidelity” off of their album Homework clocks in at 6:03, but otherwise it doesn’t at all fit your description. Perhaps even the artist is mislabeled. Maybe if you uploaded it to or something we could listen to it.

I like the actual Daft Punk song, even after learning they’re not saying “Drunk on the air” like I thought. Line’s mine, now. If you can, try what **some white dude ** suggested.

Ok, I uploaded it to muxtape, but this is the first I’m hearing of this website (I know, I know, I’m such a square). What now?

ETA: Oh, and it is possible that it’s not Daft Punk at all. Sounds like them, though.

Post a link to your muxtape, and then we can have a listen.