Help Me ID This Kid's TV Short From the 1960's

I remember seeing this short film on TV…it seemed to run all the time…as a filler in between shows, substitute for commercials, etc.
Anyway, it starts with a bored kid looking out his window, as the rain begins to fall (he is obviuosly unhappy to be inside because its raining!
Anyway, he sees a dandelion seed fly by, and watches it as it turns into a dancing girl…and the girl does all kinds of dances among the raindrops.
Thats all I remember…anybody remember seeing this?

Though I’m unfamiliar with the short you’re referring to, it sounds inspired by Czech animator Karel Zeman’s magnificent 1949 animated short Inspiration, which I briefly discuss here.

I should add that the short I mention also begins with a rainy day and an adult looking contemplatively out a window, and one of the characters that the clown (dandelion seed) meets in the dewdrop is a ballerina.