Help me ID this make of car

I’m sorry, but I won’t be giving you much to go on, since I know very very little about cars, but:

  1. They are absurdly tiny little cars.

  2. I don’t see any in the States; so probably not American.

  3. I saw one in Vancouver, British Colombia; also, I’m pretty sure I saw Tom Hanks crash one in the trailer for DaVinci Code.

That’s it! I hope you can help. I’ve been telling my son about these teensy-weensy little cars I saw that look like they only hold one person, and I’d like to show him one.

Smart Car, sold through Mercedes dealerships.

Mercedes’ joint venture with Swatch.

The model in The Da Vinci Code is called a ForTwo, and I’m sure you can guess why.

That’s IT! Thank you!

I guess I should have checked out that Smart Car thread I saw not too long ago…oh well.

I think I read they’re going to start selling them in the U.S. for 2007 or 2008.

Making them available in the US and actually selling them in significant numbers are two different things.

There’s an entire segment of the automobile industry (superminis- Geo Metro sized vehicles) between the Smart models and the smallest class which sells in significant numbers here, which would be medium sized hatchbacks (Civic, VW Golf, Ford Focus) and the US public seems to find those vehicles too small already.

Dollars?? That’s not bad.