Help me ID this movie for a friend

A French film, probably shown on Showtime or Encore. There were six people who were all somehow interconnected but didn’t know each other. One of them was an amnesiac who took pictures to remind himself what happened. He stole a car and got in wreck where someone died but he escaped.

Another storyline was a guy who was cheating on his fiancee. His fiancee met his girlfriend while they were both waiting for him. He, on the other hand, was being chased by another skier who wanted to kill him.

Eric swears this true.

Anyone else seen what sounds like a fever dream?


Uh, no. Memento wasn’t a French film, nor does it involve skiing.

Was it dirty? If so, it’s probably Novo

And a condescending attitude against people who are trying to help won’t help you win friends or influence people around here. For the record, Memento was the first thing to pop into my mind as well.