Help me ID this plant?

Here are some photos. This one is planted in a median strip. My partner likes it and would like to put some in our garden.

There are four pictures where it says “Recent Activity”. The plant we’re interested in is the one with purple flowers, not the spiky one.

My description would be: small silvery-green leaves several layers thick around the base of a long skinny stalk that is topped with a small purple bowl-shaped flower with a single layer of petals. I am no botanist, but the leaves make me think it might be a succulent of some kind.

Looks like Calendrinia spectabilis or maybe Calendrinia grandiflora, I’m not very good with succulent id.

Thanks, Ulfreida, that looks like an excellent guess. Based on internet pictures, it looks a bit more like Calandrinia spectabilis rather than grandiflora.

It is a cool plant I was just recently introduced to, by my sister, who manages a landscape design/install. I admired it at her house and she tore out a hunk and said, here, have some.

Why I love succulents! Also gophers don’t like them, and I’ve never had any decide to go crazy and smother all life forms in their vicinity.

I guess most of the English speaking world can’t grow them outside but they make up about a quarter of the species in my xeriscape yard.