Help me id this Prodigy song please

There’s this song by Prodigy. I keep hearing it places where I can’t id it, like in bars or as background in one movie scene or another. I’m sure (pretty sure) it’s Prodigy, 'cause I saw them do it live one time on MTV, but once again no id.

One word that’s repeated over and over is “psychosomatic”, and also the guy says something about “under pressure” and the “one moooooooore time”.

Anybody have a clue?



From the album Fat of the Land.

Released in 1997.

The music video scares me.

Psychosomatic addict. INSANE!

Hey Hey Hey

The 2 second google search with psychosomatic, prodigy and lyrics that showed a link on the first page of the song named breathe.

So…what are u saying, that I should just have googled it instead of wasting precious SDMB bandwidth?

Good point, probably right, but it was late and I wasn’t thinking clearly, plus I’m always trying to pad my post count!

Thanks Dopers! I can always count on you guys.