Help Me ID This SF Chinese Restaurant!

About 8 years ago, I was out in San Francisco, on a business trip. A bunch of us wanderd into Chinatown, and we had dinner in a restaurant …it was across the street from the EMPRESS OF CHINA. Anyway, it was a very old-fashioned place-I half expected to see Sam Spade eating there. What was unique about it was that you sat in little alcoves,and they had curtains that you couldpull shut, so that you could dine in privacy! I’ve never seen anything like this before.
Any SF dopers know the name of this place? I plan to go to SF in the fall, and wouldlike to eat there again!
PS: I never cared for the EMPRESS OF CHINA…seemed overpriced and overhyped! :cool:

Do you remember what you ate? Cantonese-style seafood, maybe?

Sounds an lot like the Far East Cafe.

Here’s a link. Z’attit?

Dang. I opened this thread hoping to find out about Science Fiction Chinese restaurant.