Help me identify a song from a commercial

Last night I wandered by the TV just in time to see half a commercial for a video game that appeared to be called “F. E. A. R.” (or had that in the title somewhere). It looked like a dark, gritty shooter type game. Over the action was playing a song that sounded very much like Marilyn Manson. Unfortunately, the only thing I wrote down was the name of the game, and trying to look it up on Google (even using quotation marks to retain the style of spelling) is getting me nowhere. I don’t remember any of the song lyrics except that they might have contained the words “death” or “funeral” (maybe “my own funeral”? Memory is fuzzy).

Anyway, anybody seen this commercial? It was on during “Iron Man” on FX, if it matters. I want to figure out what the song was and who did it, because I liked it.


Is that the one with Four Rusted Horses?

No idea. Is that a song name, part of the game, or the artist?

Manson song with the chorus “Everyone will come to my funeral to make sure that I stay dead.”

This is the song Pixel is referring to: Marilyn Manson - Four Rusted Horses lyrics - YouTube

Woo, yes! Thanks very much! :slight_smile: That was quick!