Help me identify movie w/ancient Egyptian setting

After watching some of the History channel’s marathon today, I was reminded of a movie I saw many years ago. I don’t remember too much about it, but I’m hoping someone out there can tell me what it is!

The movie was clearly a Hollywood production, in color, possibly from the 1960s. The setting was ancient Egypt. One of the central characters was an architect, an older man (non-Egyptian?) who was designing the burial tomb (pyramid?) for the pharaoh. At the end of the movie, the architect shows several people the secret burial chamber in the tomb, and then triggers a mechanism of pouring sand and huge sliding stones which blocks the passages and exits and buries them all in the tomb.

It may or may not help to say that I saw this movie with French dubbing, back in early 1982.

Sound familiar to anyone? Any hints?


Perhaps it was

Land of the Pharoahs


Khadro, thanks, I will check out that movie. Very likely it is the one I’m remembering.

Wow, the SDMB is a font of all sorts of information!

if you want a shock, check out the babe…it’s joan collins.