help me identify old irish tv series

Well, it aint that old, but i remember watching it once a week, back when i was doing leaving cert…
anyhow, it was on RTE (1 or 2), and was about these two chicks (one irish and one welsh), and they had to go from the north most point of north armerica, to the south most point of south america, and they got drunk, spent all their budget money, etc
had laughs in general
(one of the reasons i watched it was cause that welsh chick had the cutest accent ever)
Sooo, does anyone remember it? what was it called?

Doesn’t ring any bells.

When did you do your Leaving?

about 4 or 5 years ago … not that old i guess

damn, any ideas to search for an old series?
maybe google for old tv magazines
<homer> it maybe not be 1992 right now, but u never know what tomorow may bring </homer>
or sumthin like that

Was it No Frontiers?

Or Across the Line?

hey, thanks for the replys
all i can find for across the line was a northern irish radio group
i wonder if it was on in england, maybe bbc would have something in its archive…