Help Me Identify These UFMs

Unidentified Fridge Magnets…

I found these objects (example 1 - example 2 ) on the sidewalk the other day. They make great light-duty refrigerator magnets. I wouldn’t mind having some more of them.

For those who don’t wish to click on the links…they are small plastic tubes about 1 inch in length, 1/4 inch in diameter, with magnets on both ends.

My question:
What are they, and what are they used for in real life?

How about a loose piece from a Geomag toy set?

Oh my, THAT was quick!
Yes it certainly looks like pieces from that.

In any case, I didn’t know about Geomag toy sets. Now I want one. :smiley:

…and here I was hoping they were some sort of laser-alignment tool, or used for calibrating stop lights or something…

There were several types of magnetic building toys on the market, however, they have been recalled, because they can be very dangerous to small children if swallowed.
When more than one of the magnets are swallowed, they attach to each through folds in the intestine. They cause errosion of the intestinal wall, leading peritonitis, even death. A child here, in Seattle, died last year from this very thing.