Help me identify this book series request

I was in a used book store and I saw some of the old blue-cover Hardy Boys books. And this reminded me of a book I read back in my childhood (so around the late sixties or early seventies).

It was not the Hardy Boys. But it was basically a Hardy Boys imitation. There were two teenage brothers who solved mysteries and had adventures. Unlike the blue-themed Hardy Boys books, this book had a yellow cover. I have the impression it was a series but I only read one book. The plot involved a trip to Florida during which a hurricane struck.

Any ideas?

My first thought was The Three Investigators. But that’s one too many characters.

The Power Boys? The second book (The Flying Skeleton) involved a hurricane in Florida (and a dinosaur skeleton).

By golly, you’re right. Can’t get more accurate than this.

That’s it. The Mystery of the Flying Skeleton is the book I read. Thanks all.