Help me identify this car (old roadster with three windshield wipers)

Sean Connery in a Japanese TV commercial for tires, driving what looks like a 1930s or 40s era roadster, not unlike a Bugatti or Mercedes of that time period…along with this classic body shape it’s also distinguished by having three windshield wiper blades.

Could it perhaps be a Clenet?

This isn’t necessarily probative, but I did a google image search for Clenet automobiles, and without exception, they had spoked rims, unlike the one Connery is driving.

Looks like a kit-car to me.

Three wipers is a definite MG trait, but on MGBs and Midgets. Perhaps this is a kit that used MGB parts.

That’s a Morgan.

I don’t think any MGs had 3 wipers but the Jaguar XKE did.


At a minimum, at least some years of MGBs had three wipers. Midgets, too.

Agreed. Specifically, a Morgan Plus 8.

Here is an auction site with some pictures of a 1978 model with the same unique wheels.

For those who don’t know, Morgan is a tiny company that has been hand-building sports cars since the 1930s. It is family owned and they have steadfastly resisted all attempts to sell or modernise.

If you want a new Morgan, I believe the waiting time is around three years. You can come to Malvern and see them build it if you want to.

What’s weird is that the makers of a Japanese commercial featuring a British car used a LHD car, or flipped the film to make it look like a LHD car. At first I assumed that they had reversed the image, because the wipers in the commercial are opposite to the ones in the RHD auction car linked to above. But after Gogling "LHD Morgan Plus 8, " I find that quirky Morgans are inconsistent in the L-R arrangement of the wipers in LHD models from year to year

Thanks for figuring this out…I can remember reading about Morgans and probably seeing pictures of them, but uncommonly enough to not make much of an impression.

How much does a new one cost?

Depends on which model and what options you want. Base price is right around $70k for the four wheeler. The three wheeler, maybe $50-60K?