Help me identify this movie. Cyborgs, kung fu, a widget?

I remember seeing this movie as a kid. So roughly mid-80s. 85 or 86.

It’s live action. It’s about a cyborg guy who has a tank tread for a lower body. Kind of like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. He teams up with a regular girl a Kung Fu guy and a flying little robot like Widget from Marvel’s Excalibur.

The villain was another sort of Cyborg guy.

I know this sounds like a “dream remembered as a movie” but I’ve described the movie to a few other people who also vaguely remember it, one of whom thought the title was The Defenders. I imdb-ed it and came up short.

I remember as a kid noting a lot of similarities with the Centurions cartoon show. So much that I thought the cartoon was maybe based on this movie. Now I dismiss that notion.

So anyone remember this movie?

I was thinking of this movie the other day and contemplated posting a message asking what it was. I have barely remember the movie but I remember the cyborg could switch from his treads to a regular pair of legs. Uh, as regular a pair as any cyborg can have I guess. I think it was kind of a mix of fantasy and science fiction.



Here’s a sarcastic review!

Thanks Miller. It had been so long since I’d seen it I didn’t even know what it was about. Looks like I might have been better off not remembering.