Help me identify this movie from at least 20 years ago

I saw (some of)it in 1995 on TV when I was a kid, and I remember it mostly for all the gratuitous nudity and sex. It was being played by a local small time cable broadcaster, so that information is only useful to date the movie to pre-1995. I think it was mostly about one young couple. There are a few unrelated scenes that I remember(quite possibly because I was furtively changing channels so my parents wouldn’t catch me watching smut :slight_smile: ), and descriptions of those are all I can offer up.

  • The couple go to watch a parade or procession of some sort(I think the Queen or some other important woman had come to their town, and they went to see her, but that’s probably wrong). In the process of trying to get a good view, the girl jumps up and down and her breasts slip out, scandalising the people around them or quite possibly the important person they’d gone to see
  • The guy(playfully) chases the girl into the garden attached to their house, catches her and puts her over his knees, and stuffs a flower into her nethers, which later pops out into the toilet. Yes, very weird, and this scene is probably why I want to identify the movie and check if it actually happened the way I remember it.
  • Quite rightly, the woman leaves the dumbass after a fight(although perhaps not because of the flower incident, since I think she was laughing at the time), and goes to live with friends/family. The guy, who is quite obviously demented, sneaks into her room there and tries to have sex with her while she’s asleep.

And that’s pretty much all I remember.

Hi, bldysabba:

Sounds like Turkish Delight. I’d like to say you’re in for a treat but it’s a fairly disturbing film.

Take care . . . .

Hi Spiriting Lightly. The dope delivers again. You’re quite right on all counts! Thank you!