Help me identify two Japanese songs from vague descriptions of the music videos

When I was taking Japanese in high school, we sometimes watched anime or music videos.

Now I want to find two of the music videos to watch again. All of the music videos were on a home video tape recorded from a Japanese music channel countdown or programming block, sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s. Definitely no later than 2003; likely no later than winter 2002.

One of the songs used traditional Japanese instruments combined with an otherwise rock (maybe metal?) sound. I think there was a female vocalist, but honestly I was paying a lot more attention to the visuals than the vocals. The video was awesomely trippy, with animation of a fancy goldfish using a katana and a girl standing on the shoulder of a giant Buddha statue that flew across the sky.

I don’t remember much about the other video: It was rap, with several performers. The real stand-out is the spoken line, “Yo! Cheese!”

I think according to Cafe Society rules we’re allowed one bump, and I don’t mind if this post counts as that bump, but it is also a question:

Know any good websites for Japanese music videos in general? Between Google language tools and what little I’ve retained from high school, I can navigate a Japanese website fairly well. YouTube is a bit too full of fan-vids to be entirely useful; I had a few promising leads of song titles/artist names from Wikipedia today but wasn’t album to find much beyond anime opening themes and in-concert performances of those songs.

Yatta Yatta

That was super hilarious, so thanks for the link, even though it’s not either video I am trying to find.