Help me, Larry! What WAS this song?!

So, I have seen many “identify this song” posts on the SDMB, and I thought, if anyone can solve this mystery for me, it would be a doper.

Occasionally, my best friend and I will call each other “Larry”. Why? Because of a song we thought was really funny in high school. It was played on alternative rock stations in probably 1998 or '99. The only thing we can remember about it is that there was singing interspersed with some guy(the singer himself, we think) yelling at someone else and calling him “Larry”. In kind of an evangelical way.

We think.

Please help us figure out what it was so we don’t make ourselves insane over a 7 year old song that was probably really bad in the first place. Thank you!

rushes into thread, with cape tucked into underpants

Eh? No idea.

shuffles out, blushing

“I Remember Larry” - By Weird Al

First thing that popped into my head.

I’ve never heard of such a song, but there’s a comic book character called Badger who’s not right in the head, and calls everyone Larry.

I wonder if there’s a connection. Badger was written by Mike Baron.