Help me locate/identify a Western Movie music cue

What I’m trying to find is something I tried to describe in

Your favorite sound effects as a kid!
04-20-2010, 09:51 AM

at this post

or in

Villains and Theme Music
06-05-2011, 05:48 AM

at this post


I have looked in some old threads for clues, but haven’t spotted anything that gets me closer. Those perhaps worth looking at include:

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09-13-2009, 09:47 AM

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04-16-2010, 12:11 PM


I’m hoping that it’s just that I haven’t found the reference site or Wikipedia article that provides categories of sound effects and cues and “stock music” where this little clip and others like it might be identified and their backgrounds explored.

If you at least know what I’m trying to describe and have a better version of how to spell it, that might help.

Dvorak, New World Symphony, 4th Movement.

Unless what you hear that you think is what I’m trying to describe is well into the piece, this isn’t close. If it is on past the beginning could you give a time mark?

Thanks, anyway.

The “dahn-dahn-dahnan-dahn” theme associated with Indians in classic westerns originated there; you can hear it at 0:26 of my clip.

I hear that but it’s not the one I’m after. Sorry.

Can you find a scene it was in for us, or failing that try a site like Midomi?

I know what exact notes the OP means - and I confirmed it by whistling it to my wife (she whistled it back and said “sure, it’s the music they always play for Indians.”).

My son says it shows up in the animated version of Peter Pan multiple times.

for the win.

That’s very close! I believe that’s football cheer music for Florida State and maybe The Washington Redskins. There may be others that use that along with the tomahawk chop.

There’s still a slightly different 5-note (the third “dahnan” is two notes) lick that’s really close to the first notes in your clip.

Thanks for the link. Now others have more to go by than the “dahn-dahn-dahnan-dahn” dofunny.

It’s not the Redskins but Atlanta Braves

Okay. I tried Midomi but the sample I hummed was too short (5 sec or less) for the search to produce a match. I have been looking at YouTube clips from Westerns with no luck.

See the posts from Maserschmidt and my replies.

(Note that I haven’t actually listened to confirm.)

Interesting old link! I suspect the sounds being alluded to are the ones in the “tomahawk chop” cheers or war cries linked to above. Not quite what I’m trying to find. Thanks.

Not the specific sounds, for sure. But these clips should help to clarify the sort of movie that would have those sounds. Gigantic cheese, exaggerated relevance, golden opportunity for scenery chewing.

I have examined dozens of similar clips and have yet to hear anything like what I’m trying to locate, but at least these give a better idea of where to look than the verbiage in the OP, I hope.


James Stewart - Broken Arrow (Opening Credits)