Help me move to Portland

Nothing will happen soon - I won’t be moving until Fall '09 or Spring '10. I’d like to move out to the PNW both because I like the climate (even the winters) and I’ve got family out there. Currently I live in Cleveland and work as a Java developer. I’ve got some questions that I’d appreciate any help with.

If I live across the river in Vancouver, and work in Portland, do I need to pay Oregon income tax on my earnings?

How’s the high tech job market in the area?

How badly has the housing bubble burst there?

CNN’s cost of living calculator says that housing is 45% more expensive in Portland than it is in Vancouver. This seems… high. What are the Portland suburbs that are a better apples-to-apples comparison?

How does Portland compare to Eugene or Salem? Are there other hubs I should look at?

Thanks for any help.

I lived in Portland a long time ago (1975) and even then they had remarkably good public transportation. I didn’t need a car. I think from seeing some stuff on pbs that public transportation is even better now. You didn’t ask about it, but car/no car is a big economic consideration. My 2 cents :smiley: ( I loved Portland/Eugene, but family was in MI. I’d go back in a heartbeat)

I think the answer is “Yes.”

Some Portland suburbs I think are comparable to the Couv are Gresham, Milwaukie, Scappoose, Clackamas, and Beaverton. As a techie, you’ll most likely work on the west side, and of the 'burbs I mentioned, Beaverton and Scappoose are on that side of the river. Scappoose is not served by that wonderful public transportation system maladroit mentioned, last time I checked.

According to CNN cost of living calculator, since I made $30,000 in Dallas I needed to make $72,000 in New York. I make $40,000 and I live a much better lifestyle in New York than I ever did in Dallas. My transportation cost went down by about $800 a month and my housing went up by about $400 a month, and insurance is more expensive here, but other than that everything else stayed about the same. I have no idea how they are figuring things in those calculators.