Help me "name" mi casa

A client wants to thank me for doing life-saving surgery on his dog by making me some signs. He is an artist whose work is pretty cool. I was thinking about a sign for my house, and one for my shed. My initial idea was “casa grande” for the house, and “casa poco” for the shed.

Y’all are way more clever than I am, so how about some ideas? Here is a pic of the front of the house, and one of the backyard.

Yes, I realize the grass needs to be cut. Again.
Ideally, the names are clever, possibly even humorous.

If you submit the winning entry, you will be showered with laurels. Or something;)

“Lone Star Estate”

Since you don’t have a fence in the back yard, you could put “Now leaving the Lone Star Estate”

The Lone Star Inn, Hotel, whatever

Vetbridge Manor

hehehe. OK, the star thing. I don’t even notice it, I guess. You two have already beaten my ideas.:wink:

The 51st [sub]es[/sub]State.

The dog house could be 51.5.

I call my place Cloud 8.

oops. Should be The 51st [sub] E[/sub]State. You cold hang the cap E off of the lower part of the S in State. Corney, but memerable with that star.

Casa Blanca (White House)

This gets my vote. g

In Western Pennsylvania, I would go for a hex sign or a barn star. If done in harmony with the house, it would add value and not just be a one-owner joke.

Otherwise, in these situations I always recommend painting a name-board on the lentil reading ‘Saunders.’ That way you can tell your friends in your most mysterious voice that you ‘Live under the name Saunders.’

Only the well-read will remember it is from Winnie the Pooh.

I like this one! Actually, I see possibilities with them all. If I use Casa Blanca I could have a white dove in a cage in my yard with Paloma Blanca posted on the cage!

hehehe. Sorry, I had to look up the reference.

From a Winnie the Pooh site:

Boy am I slow today. I have been on the computer between surgeries and totally missed the lil es.:wink:

I thought it was “Sanders,” not “Saunders.” And you mean “lintel,” not “lentil.”


How grand or silly do you want to be? Could you do something like “[your last name]wood” or Name House or Name Hall, or something that ties in with local history or geography in some way?

The little one would be “casa pequeña”.

You can also go for “la casa” and “la casita”.

Or you could do like the do in Bilbao and call the doghouse Guggenheim (wait, was that the other way 'round?)

Guggenheim Bilbao has had one huge garden/sculpture called “Puppy” in front as its only permanent exhibit since it was built. There are other permanent items, but of course the nickname was instant.

With that star, you could call your house El Cielo (heaven/sky)

You could name it Sue. Then you could tell people, “Me casa is Sue casa.”

I got a ton of hits googling “pooh sanders” or “pooh sanders”.

I love lentil soup, but I see what you mean.

I can handle as grand or silly as you can come up with!

Those are definately in the running! El Cielo is romantic yet still masculine. Cool.

hehehe. I used to date a “Sue” until her husband objected. Wouldn’t work.:frowning:

Puerta Estrella (“star gate”, fitting)

Puerta Cielo (“heaven’s gate”, somewhat less fitting and loosely translated, but it sounds nice.)

Nice. Should it be Puerto Cielo so that the gender matches? No hablo espanol en mi casa.