Help Me Name My Hospital Coffee Shop

The hospital is most famous for the number of babies it delivers, and serves females primarily, followed by children, if that helps.

Joe To Go?


Not matter how cute or tongue in cheek sounding you go with the coffee reference stay away from “beaner” in the name. In context you might not see it. The former Beaner’s Coffee chain, since renamed Biggby, found out the hard way some people did see it in a less flattering context. :smack:

“Should You Be Having Coffee?”


The Delivery Room?

Intense Coffee United?

Excellent Recaffienators?

The Most Organic Roasted Growers Under Eden?

Rocket Fuel

The Daily Grind

A Walk in the Perk

Cuppa Gino’s/Cuppa Gina’s (Depending on whether you’re male or female.)

Rick’s Cafe Americano

How about;
The Coffee Shop.
Simple and to the point.

Grounds for Hope.

what, nobody has suggested the obvious “Caffeine/Coffee Drip” yet? Errrm, nevermind, it doesn’t look as cool in actual letters as it sounded in my head.
hmmm, coffee shop in a hospital, serves primarily women and children, delivers a lot of babies,
I got nothing, OP, could you give us a few more details to work with?

ETA maybe the Coffee RX?

We’ve Bean Expecting You

Buzz Beans.

The Non-Prescription Counter





Heaven Scent

OK, let’s lose the heaven one. Not a good suggestion for a hospital.

250 cc’s of coffee stat!

CAF Scan.

The Stork Cafe
Cabbage Patch Coffee

Espresso Epidural

Intravenous Caffeine

Are you in a cannabis friendly state? If so, and if you make it that kind of coffee shop, how about Code Green?