HELP ME! Name my secret spy agency, c'mon, please?

I need a cool name for my “secret spy agency”. As some of you know, I am planning a corporate event. It’s along the theme lines of Mission Impossible so we need a name for our agency. It can be cool or funny. I have writer’s block on this am have been trying for a while now. HELP ME! I’ll be your best friend; I’ll love you forever. Please, have mercy.

Dissapearing, Inc.

That’s pretty good, :slight_smile:

Secret Spy Agency

Okay, good I’m glad you got that out of your system.


Servers of


Slight problem being that they don’t know me as Poysyn :slight_smile:

Poyson: If I were you I’d just choose a random combination of capital letters, say EMQ, WVS, JSB, etc. They don’t have to actually stand for anything–how many non-Russian speakers know what KGB stands for? But, more to the point, if anyone asks you what the letters stand for, you reply, “It’s a secret.” Keep them guessing.

BTW, if they don’t know you as Poysyn, all the better… adds to the mystery of “who is Poysyn”?
then the cops would be like, no one’s ever seen him, heard him, or knows what he looks like… he’s… a secret:-

You could make a pretty cool acronym out of Poysyn:

Yearning to
Yolk the

That’s all I can come up with for now.

From the people who brought you the Naked Gun series:

Acme Spy Agency

Society for the
Prevention of
Espionage and


Organization for the
Revival of
Anarchy and

It’s coming…

I think “Spys ‘R’ Us” would be nice. People would be particularly impressed if you did the ‘R’ backwards – they would understand that yours is a spy agency that is willing to do the special little things.

How about “Spybucks”? It’s a place you can go to get a foreign diplomat assassinated AND a terrific latte.

The Illuminati! I don’t suppose they’d be stupid enough to have copyrighted it?

These are great, thanks very much.

I’d kiss you all, if you were here. Even the chicks (I play no favorites)

Poysyn: I’ll be in Winnipeg Wednesday night…

Pipeliner, are you kidding! That’s great!

Poysyn: No, I’m serious. I live in Winnipeg but work in Alberta. We’re holding a pre-job meeting there Thursday a.m., so my boss (bless his cold black heart) chose me to be the minute-taker/general flunky. This effectively gives me a free trip home to pick up my winter gear, etc. as I probably won’t see the Peg again for some time.

btw, this is my 100th post. I’m so proud.

Winnipeg? Sounds like a raffle for pirates. :smiley: