Help me out with latest Borders ad

The latest Border’s ad shows people quoting from movies and books. About 2/3rds through, a woman is reading from a paperback book, a man sitting next to her. The cover of the book is partially folded over.

How can I find out more information about that book? The reason I ask is that it looks a hell of a lot like my novel, Staroamer’s Fate. I can see the “ST” in the ad, and the spine of the book is the same color of purple that was on the original.

I’ve tried contacting Borders, and am looking into contacting the ad agency. Any information or suggestions would be useful. And even if you have no information, if you see the ad, take a look and see if you think it might be the cover to the book (see link above).

It’s mind-bogglingly unlikely that this is true – the book has been out of print for some time, but, damn, it looks like it. :cool:

That would be excessively cool, Chuck. Where and in what format is the ad? Can you find a link to it somewhere?

Is this the ad? If so, I think you’re refering to the woman on the bus. And, I’m sorry to say, she seems to be reading from Stephen King’s Cujo. Not that I’ve ever read it, but she does say “Cujo” as she’s reading.

Sorry to have burst your bubble.

I knew she wasn’t reading from the book. It just seemed to me that she was using it as a prop. It was unlikely in the extreme that she was using it, and a look at the still shows a different publisher’s logo over the ST. It is likely to be Cujo (the ST from “Stephen King”).

I didn’t expect this, so I’m not really disappointed. But it was fun to think so. :slight_smile: