Help me plan a long air trip

As some of you may know I´m going to move to Thailand soon; the current plan is to be there before New year, actually somewhere between the 15th or 29th of December.
I´m looking for air fares for that date, so far the best I´ve found is from here (Montevideo) to Sao Paulo, to Milan, then a hop to Rome and non-stop to Bangkok from there, it all adds up to about 1700 bucks in December 26/27th. So far so good, now I need to know how I´m going to book those flights, something like OneTravel but which sells tickets to non-US residents; any ideas?

The original route I had intended was from here to LAX and from there to BKK, but I just don´t want to get through all the paperwork requiered to get a visa, it takes over a month, an interview, a hundred dollars and no guaranty of even getting it. Thanks but no thanks.

I´m sure I´ll have more questions later but in the meanwhile I´ll appreciate any advice.

I just did a quick look at KLM, you can fly from Sao Palo to Bangkok via Shiphol airport. The price is BRL 4 165,67. Currency conversion will be left as an exercise for the traveler.
The only advantage I see is there is one less leg.
KLM being a non US company will probably sell you a ticket direct.
Good luck

Air Canada also flies from Vancouver to Bangkok via Hong Kong. One way fare is $984 CDN. If you want to fly the other way.

Try to connect to the Japan Airlines Flight from Chicago to Tokyo.

It’s non stop (every hour saved going long ways counts), and they put you up overnight in Tokyo, at a nice hotel (with meals), get your boarding pass in the lobby of the hotel, next morning and continue on your way, arrive rested and relaxed and with way, way less jet lag.

If you buy the connecting flights also with JAL, you’ll get a discount I believe.

I highly recommend this routing, to anyone heading to Asia, it makes a trying journey a little easier.

Even if this doesn’t work for you, I’d check with JAL to see what they offer out of SA.

I´m still trying options, so far the best one seems to be a two leg trip by Alitalia, flight AZ681 from Buenos Aires to Rome and then flight AZ7680 from Rome to BKK, the online site I checked lists the price at $ 1655 which is quite nice, but I haven´t been able to book those flights on the Alitalia web site. I´ve written an e-mail to them to see how can I get the tickets.
In any case I´ll have the money for the tickets in two weeks, so I hope there´ll be seats for December 25th.

Ummm… the quality of long-haul service is sometimes quite different from their short-haul operations, but based on my experiences with alitalia, I’d rather pay a few hundred more to fly with someone else.

Yeah, I´ve heard the service is not the best; but I can´t afford a highe price… what kind of starving artist would I be if I could indulge myself with such luxuries!? :smiley:

Well, you quite possibly will be starving. Take a packed lunch and stock up on bottled water before you board…

Don’t know if you can get them from Uruguay, but have you tried

It’s a company that makes software for travel bureaus; at some point they figured out that, since the kind of person who buys online is a very different market from the ones who go to a bureau, setting up their own webpage wasn’t any kind of “unacceptable competition” with their own customers. I’ve often been able to find there planes which my company-accepted bureau swore did not exist (how do you misplace a freaking 747?)

You make my leapy life look moderate and boring :slight_smile:

That´s a very interesting site, but I didn´t really find anything new there. At this stage I´ve already decided what flights I´ll take, but I can´t find where to buy the effing tickets on-line, and since Alitalia doesn´t have offices here I think I´ll have to phone to Argentina and see if they can help me.