Help me plan a weekend getaway

It’s been a kajillion years since my husband and I have been able to get away by ourselves and just enjoy being with one another. I honestly don’t remember the last time we had a real vacation. Driving to FL to spend Christmas with his family doesn’t count. We won’t be having a real vacation this year because he hasn’t accumulated any vacation time at work, but by Sept or so, we should be able to manage a long weekend away.

So, I’m looking for ideas. The limits:[ul]Short drive from southern Maryland or cheap flight ( we’re far enough out that we can probably get a good deal thru Southwest)
[li]Not too expensive - we are not $500/night luxury hotel types.[/li][li]Not crowded, and no theme parks.[/li][li]Not activity-centric - we’ll want to do things at our own pace or not at all. We’re not big fans of scheduled activities.[/ul]Beyond that, anything goes. Oh, but don’t suggest the Great Smokies - his folks used to live there, so we’ve been there many times.[/li]
Things I was thinking about include a hotel on a beach, or a lodge near a river or lake, or maybe some place in New England. I’ve googled “weekend getaway” but I’m kinda hoping to get an inspired suggestion here.

So, please toss some ideas my way. We need some fun couple-time!

Cape May. From your place, you’ll cut over to the Eastern Shore, then up through Delaware to Lewes, then take the ferry across Delaware Bay. You can either do a B&B or find a hotel or motel. Activities include Victoriana out the wazoo, including a couple of historic houses; there’s a birding/nature center down at the point (nice walks); and you’re half an hour from Wildwood, where there’s a boardwalk with a couple of killer roller coasters, if that’s your idea of a good time.