Help me plan my trip to Orlando

Hey Dopers, I’m going to Orlando next month and I have this same trouble every year. I could give less that a crap about Disney. I’m travelling alone. To be perfectly honest, my main focus is a nice room with good amenities and maybe a little nightlife. I’m 47 in case that mattters. Expedia and it’s cousins are useless for figuring this stuff out. All sugggestions appreciated. Other than visiting my daughter, I anticipate spending most of the week relaxing with a good book (feel free to suggest a title too).

Try Pulse or Parliament House, both lots of fun!

Uhm…those seem to be gay oriented, not that there is anything wrong with that.

I’m about the furthest thing anyone can be from an expert on Orlando. I’ve driven through it on I-4 a few times in the past and last year I spent a few days there for a conference. Knowing absolutely nothing about it, me and the coworker I was traveling with stopped at Havana Bistro Cafe for lunch.

I had the best Cuban Sandwich I’ve ever had there. Better than the few restaurants in Ybor City, Tampa where I’ve enjoyed Cuban Sandwiches. That was in July and I haven’t had a better lunch since. It’s about 10 minutes from the airport, so you don’t have to plan much but an extra 20 minutes to eat on your way in or out. Highly recommended.

I guess I should be more specific. I’m looking for hotel recommendations. Since Orlando is Dissney oriented, all reviews seem catered to how many people you can cram into a room and it’s proximity to whatever park. Neither of which is important to me.

Thanks for the sandwich shop suggestion, my daughter loves cuban sandwiches.

There are some really pretty creeks to paddle down that way. Get hooked up with a local outfitter and or club.

Do an internet search for “green wave forum” and “kayak”. That should give you a good start.

Oh, and seeing the last post. The Salvador Dali museum is in Tampa/St Pete area. I am not much of an art fan…and I was blown away when I went there years ago.