help me play my dvd, please.

I got a Dell 2400 with windows XP. All I want to do now is play a store bought DVD. I don’t want to rip, burn, whatever, I just want to play it on my computer. I tried windows Media player and they said i needed a dvd decoder, referred me to Microsoft site, who referred me to another site to sell me a decoder.
I don’t recall it being this complicated on my two older, smaller etc… computers. what can I do so as not to have to pay to watch my stupid movie?

Try Cliprex, a freeware DVD playback solution.

Media Player plugins

If you’re using Dell, you should have a copy of InterVideo WinDVD. If not, have that installed so that you’d have the right codecs on your computer.

thanks for info, but I went to intervideo etc. and they wanted something like 40 bucks, which i refuse to pay since i should have a working dvd on my computer, imho. any other ideas?
my machine keeps telling me that it needs a disc with a format that it recognizes.

also, installed cliprex and it gives the same message.
The Media Player Plugins page just links me elsewhere to pay for some decoders, if i read it aright.