Help Me Prank My Kid at Christmas

Got my son (23) a whole bunch of Magic the Gathering cards. Not a set, but each sold separately. There’s probably 20-25 of them, but I haven’t counted.

Give me creative gift wrapping ideas. We’ve done the little present in a big box, and we’ve done the small box in a bigger box in a bigger box in a bigger box. And last year my mom gave him cards strewn about in a very large box full of packing peanuts.

How can we mess with him this year?

How about hiding the cards inside a book. Perhaps a boring book? Cards stashed separately in the pages.

Or hide the cards in things he’d hate to receive as gifts … like socks and underwear.

Buy a box of mtg packs and open them, slipping the good ones in the common packs. When he goes through the new box of boring cards he’ll be amazed that one random box contained all 20 cards he wanted!

Make him go on a treasure hunt for his gift, with really obscure clues along the way.

Am I hallucinating? :slight_smile:

-Put them in an empty XBox (or PS4) box.

-Put them in a locked box…but the first gift you give him is a key. Attached to the keychain and fob for a fancy car.

-Give them with the Christmas dinner. Inside the Christmas dinner, properly sealed.

Get copies made of the cards. Cut the copies up in such a way that it is obvious what they were. Put the whole real cards in a gift box. Cover them with the cut up copies.

Be sure to cut up the copies and not the originals.

Treasure hunt. My parents did that several times when I was a kid-to-teen, the last time being a spare tire they put in the trunk of my car. Took me a half an hour to figure out the clues meant for me to put shoes and a coat on and go outside. Some of my favorite Christmas memories.

Step A. Get a cardboard box; a shipping carton type of heavy cardboard. Lay the cards flat on and cover with a false bottom made by cutting another piece of cardboard the same size as the inside. It should be snug.

Step B. Get some clear plastic bubble wrap and cut one piece larger than the bottom, and place inside. That will help hide the false bottom and since it’s clear then your son won’t investigate.

Step C. Get a flat rock, paint the message “Look on the bottom” on both sides. Wrap in a lot of bubble wrap and use copious amounts of strapping tape to secure.

Put rock in larger box from Step A. Wrap larger box.

The idea is that your son will open the larger box, take out the mass of bubble wrap which is securely taped. He won’t likely investigate the larger box carefully.

wrap each card Individually one time I bought a dealers box from a comic shop going outta business and wrapped 200 yu gi oh cards

there was some nice cards in there he made about 10 various “theme” decks but had some nice thoughts about it took him all day to open them all …

Good ideas. But I agree with treasure/scavenger hunt. I sent my cousin on one years ago with one clue/treasure taped to the bottom of a public phone. Yes, it was a while ago, but great fun.

Was I the only one who initially thought the first sentence was the whole prank?

Rig the box with a dye pack.

How ever you end up wrapping them or hiding them, you should buy a pack of Magic cards and take out the commons (the ones with the black symbol) and initially give him those. Watch him try to hide his disappointment and then give him the real gift of the cards he asked for.

I would recommend against hiding the cards outside as I assume they have at least have some value and could easily be damaged or taken.

You guys are delightfully devious. Thank you!

They’re all between a dollar and ten in value - nothing crazy, but yes, more than commons.

Sadly no. I’m all too real.


Bahaha! Pinata would be a hoot.

I saw a picture today of a wrapped gift further wrapped in a lattice of zip ties. Tempting…

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