Help me recall 2 things that I wanted to remember but was drunk last night.

Yes, your auntie Shirley has fallen off the wagon and had a bottle of fine Australian wine last night with some good friends. the last time I was drunk was one evening last summer. And before that it was 1997, I think. I’m such a lush.

The conversation flowed, we played Scrabble ( I came in dead last.) my brain became lubricated and two subjects that I promised myself I would remember to look up this morning, I have only a grasp of what it was.

One is a book. One is a myth.

The book is based ( true or not, I dunno.) about a country that the entire book is told about in/through letters and how the gov’t edits the letters. The title is something like " LMNOP" but it is spelled out phonetically. I can’t find it.

**The Myth ** is something resembling Mythoria or thereabouts. A Persian myth about a guy/thing that dies and rises from the dead three days later. Strangley resembling Jesus’ life.
And if anyone has any online Scrabble game that they can recommend, I would appreciate it.

I thank you for being my personal memory.

No idea what the book could be, but now has a feature where you can search inside the text of books through their standard search engine. Maybe you can focus your thoughts a bit though that?

I tried Amazon and nothing sparked a thing, regretfully. :frowning:

Shirley, the book is Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn.

You can go to Yahoo! and play Literati, Shirley.

And I think the myth is the Persian god Mithra, which may be the origin of Christmas.

That’s why you don’t drink and drive – conestogas! :smiley: : d&r :

Paw! Circle the wagons! There’s drunks about!!

Yes! That’s it!
Thank you , thank you thank you.

And thank you, donkey oatey for the book link. I totally, fersure, had the LMNOP spelled wrong, wrong, wrong.
You rock.

Rumor has it from a reliable source that you played Scrabble with your ass.

I have witnesses and signed documents.

We’ll have our cameras pointed directly at you for New Year’s Eve.
Behave yourself, mmm-k?

You’re welcome, Shirley. And thank you for the thread, I love trivia like this.