Help me remember a British cop series- detective solves crime in city, sent to remote locale

What I remember (FWIW) from the first episode is that a British detective in London solves a controversial crime involving higher-ups, possibly in sex crimes related to a child or children. He’s a brilliant fellow and solves it brilliantly, saving a child’s life in the process. But then the city becomes too hot to hold him, and he is sent to a remote locale to continue policing. I thought it was outside the country, but I suppose it could be to a village. I think it’s implicit that he will be brought back to London sometime when things cool down. It’s a pretty recent series, i.e., in the last 10-ish years or so.

I was sure it was Death in Paradise, but I watched the first episode of that and the buttoned up Met detective Richard Poole is indeed sent to a tropical location where he never even loosens his tie… but no reason is given for his exile. Unless there’s a prequel or pilot that has been lost. The Wikipedia entry for that series doesn’t say anything about why he’s in the islands.

Any thoughts?

I think you might be thinking of Luther.

That description does ring a bell.

Death in paradise is 11 years with rotating investigators. The first is sent to investigate the former investigator’s death. The second is sent to investigate the first’s death. Then the second goes back to England sending the third to the island. The third and his daughter were dealing with the death of wife/mother, when they processed, they went back to England sending number four, which is were the series is now.

The one you mentioned I believe is were a detective is sent to…possibly Cornwall. I believe it was on Netflix.

Yeah, I’ve watched the whole series… I liked all of the detectives except the second one, the clown. What a doofus.

I don’t think so, because I never watched it much. I tried watching it, and I love Idris Elba, but the guy was so violent! He makes Eliot Stabler (L&O:SVU) look mellow.

Probably not what you’re looking for, but the description is rather reminiscent of Star Cops, a BBC sci-fi show from the mid-'80s. It’s set in 2027, when humans are just starting to colonize the solar system. In the first episode, Chief Superintendent Nathan Spring solves a crime, and is sort-of exiled to head up an international space police force from a station in orbit.

I’d say Hot Fuzz, but that wasn’t a series.

Could it be hinterland? London police man goes to the wilds of wales to repair his soul?

My favourite was the first detective, he was brilliant.

The greater good!

My first thought as well.

From IMDB:

On the run from his London past, DCI Tom Mathias, a brilliant but troubled man, isolates himself on the outskirts of a town filled with secrets as dark and destructive as his own. Partnered with the intelligent and complex DI Mared Rhys, they form an engaging relationship as they embark on solving cases that involve the ultimate anti-social crime, murder.

Hmmm… this could be it. I’ve watched all of Hinterland, but it’s been a while. I’ll give it a look! Thanks.

Yes, he was the best.

I immediately took a dislike to Camille Bordey with her patronizing eye-rolls and deep sighs re Poole’s style, behavior, methods. I did like the lizard though.

I can’t believe this show has been on for 11 seasons. It’s not THAT good.

Important plot point: It was such a SHOCK when he got murdered! Yikes!

I was hoping the spoiler wouldn’t be a reoccurring theme…thankfully not.

British tv is really good at rotating casts.

First thing I thought of, too.

I just looked at the plot description at IMDB, and that does look promising. But this was definitely a series.

It’s my sister’s favorite of The Cornetto Trilogy, although I’m still partial to Shaun of the Dead. Hot Fuzz does have Olivia Colman!

When I read the op I immediately pictured ocean. As saint-Marie was ruled out that left Cornwall or wales. One would remember Scottish accents, so Scotland ruled out. That left hinterland or Wycliffe. Hinterland seems to match best.

I have been rebinging death in paradise, and am watching it now, 5th series at the moment.

Are you sure the detective was sent to a small village, and not a space station?

It definitely wasn’t a space station. It was someplace away from London to get him away from the bigwigs he implicated in this crime…

Okay, now I’m remembering more (or maybe I’m just making it up)… maybe he was sent somewhere where supposedly there wouldn’t be big crime syndicates operating. Someplace where he could take it easy and get in some R&R, but it turns out that he does uncover crime in this idyllic setting. I might have just made that up. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

I’m pretty sure it’s not this but I’ll throw in Tin Star: London detective but sent to Canada.


Not it, but sounds good. Christina Hendricks, the dazzling redhead from Mad Men.

Two excellent British series where a prominent copper ends up out of the big city were Broadchurch and Inspector George Gently.

Both are well worth watching, even to find out that they are not the show you want.

I’ve watched both of them. Twice each.

For a while I thought it might be Gently. But he isn’t exiled to a remote place, is he?